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Central located

Ubud is central located in Bali, Indonesia. It is a mid-size city that is quiet, compared with the area's around the capital city Denpasar. It has a relaxed athmosphere. The distances to many sightseeings are short. Ubud is the best place from where you can do a lot of day-tours to the sightseeings on the island of Bali.

Internet working space

Many people take their laptop computer with them, and thanks to the internet it does not matter where on the world you do your internet work. The morning can be used for doing your work. The afternoon and evening can be used for your holiday. There is 7 hours difference with Europe. The dutch stock exchange opens at 09.00 in Europe which is 16.00 in Bali.

Low rent

I rent a small house on a family compount in the Penastanan area. The house has one large sleepingroom, toilet and shower and an inhouse kitchen. No airconditioning but a fan. If you rent through Airbnb the price will be around € 350 for a whole month and when you direct from the owner it will be around € 300. (price depending on exchange rate). It is located 1.7 km from the Ubud city-center. Most tourists in this area rent their own scooter or take a trip on a scooter-taxi (taxi-stand on 200 meter distance).

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Aloha Nirvana Guesthouse Ubud Bali


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Interestings things to do and to see

Read my tips below. If the distance is a bit further away you best rent a scooter. A scooter is a 110 CC vehicle for which You need a driving license for motorcycle (the rental offices never asked me for it) for insurance reasons.
If you get an accident with a scooter and you do not have a motor-cycle driving license, your insurance company will not pay.
A scooter can be rent locally for 500.000 to 700.000 Rp per month (40 euro). Whatsapp +6281337414605 for Madé rents out for 800.000/month.

Tour guide

There are many different day-tours to be done on Bali. The best thing is to let a tourguide drive you around the island. You can decide yourself which places you like to see and the guide picks you up early morning in your villa and brings you back home late evening. This is the best cost-effective way to explore Bali. The tourguide has several different tours in his portfolio. I have perfect experience with Tourguide Madé whatsapp +6287762747374 or email demer_zone10@yahoo.com


Warung Mendez

Warung Mendez Ubud

Warung mendez is a very good and low-price restaurant. Strongly recommended. 
In this area there is a nice choice of small restaurants.
The well known nasi goreng will cost you about 45.000 rupiah (3 euro).

If you have a scooter then you can also go to Warung Mangga Madu or to Warung Mina. These restaurants are for locals; the prices are lower and the food is more tastefull. Warung Mina is the Michelin-star level restaurant in Ubud.

Burat Wangi soapfactory in Ubud

Burat Wangi soap factory in Ubud Bali

There are several soap-factories on Bali where they make 100% natural soap from vegetable oils. In the western countries we are used to the soaps from the well-known brandnames which are made from Petroleum. If you see SLS or sodium Laureth Sulfate or PEG-3 or Parabenes on a shampoo bottle or soap-package you know you have the bad stuff, which is 99,5% of all soaps available in Europe. In most european shops it is impossible to find a natural soap. Burat Wangi is totally unknown in Europe. This is only a sales outlet, not the factory. Go and see, buy one soap for € 1 up to € 4 and you will be addicted to this soap. Adviced is to use the block also as shampoo.
Direction: go in the direction of the Maya Hotel from Ubud. It is in the first bend of the road on your right hand. Follow the small walking-path for 180 meters and it is the third house.
Distance from the cottages in Ubud: 3,70 km or 13 min on bycicle.

Bintang shopping center

Bintang shopping center ubud

The Bintang supermarket is on 1800 meters distance from the cottage. It is open till 22.00 in the evening and you will find a huge assortment of local and western groceries.
The prices are low.

Campuhan love trail

campuhan love trail

The Campuhan hike trail is known under the local young people as "The Love Hill". It is a beautiful walk through the nature and you will enjoy the views from there. Many young boys and girls will be seen there, declaring their love to each other.

Entrance is at the Jalan Raya Ubud (the main street) just over the bridge. It is the same entrance as the Ibah bungalows besides the Ubud clinical center.

Rafting in Ubud

There are several organizers of rafting and you will find many offerings along the streets for $ 75.00 per person. The trip is on de Ayung river. They pick you up at the cottages at 10.00 am and bring back at 14.30 pm. Included is the transport to the starting point, the rafting, a good lunch and bringing you back again. Not included is a drink halfway on the riverside and you should also give a tip to your driver and boatman.

The rafting itself takes 2 hours (10 km) and you can get out for a shower under a waterfall, you see beautiful carvings on the side of the Ayung river and you get very wet. At the finish there are showers (towel included) where you can shower and change for dry clothes. It is a safe and fun thing to do for all ages.

Lowest price is $ 29 / person through www.baliraft.com and they will ask you not to talk with others about this price since most persons pay 75 USD.

Walk through the rice-fields

If you walk from Penestanan into Ubud citycenter, you will see before the royal palace on your left hand the Puri Lukisan Museum of modern Balinese art. Just behind the museum starts the Sabak Juwuk Manis trail with beautiful views over the ricefields. There is a café and a warung along this trail. If you turn on the right at the T-split you walk back to the mainroad Jalan Kajeng that leads to Café Lotus on Jalan Raya Ubud (which means Main street Ubud).

Classical dance of Bali

In the royal palace (Jalan Raya Ubud) is every thursday from 07.30 pm till 08.45 pm a classical dance with Gammelan music. Entrance fee is 100.000 Rupiah ( 7 euro). This is the best classical dance on Bali and it is very strongly recommendated.

Royal cremation

Only once in a lifetime you will see a royal cremation in Ubud. This is the cremation of Ibu Lenny Sukawati on 13 february 2017.


There is no bus nor train connection from Denpasar airport to Ubud. You have to take a taxi that will cost you about 350.000 Rupiah (20 euro). If you take the Blue Bird Taxi (with taxi-meter) it will cost you about 450.000 Rp. It is a 1-hour trip from the airport to Ubud. Whatsapp +6287762747374 for Madé taxi in Denpasar. Book in advance while you are still home.
There is an excellent tourist-bus from Perama. The bus brings you from the airport to their hub in Ubud for 60.000 Rp and an additional taxi to your hotel will cost about 20.000 Rp (all Perama costs are per person). Check their website for the schedule; no busses after 16.30. That is a pitty because most international flights are arriving after 23.00.

Bali agenda calendar

The agenda for (mostly religious) activities on bali is only available in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). You have to translate it automatically in Google Chrome. When translated, the selection of the month does not work.
The calendar shows a lot of religious activities, but please note that there are several activities every day in a place like Ubud.
For entrance into the temple you will need to be dressed properly. Sometimes you can wear a sarong that you buy on the market, but other moments you need to be dressed following the rules of the temple that you want to enter.


At the Aloha Nirvana Batik you can buy for a very low price handmade Batik shawls or tablecloth. You can order the size that you want and they make on order for you. A 100% cotton Sarong (80 X 80 cm) will cost you 5 euro. A banner of 80 X 180 cm costs 8 euro.
By buying you support this disabled lady. You can whatsapp her brother Mardika at +6282236239436

aloha nirvana batik ubud bali

aloha nirvana batik Penastanan Ubud

Aloha Nirvana Batik Penanstanan Kaja Ubud Bali Indonesia

Ubud Eco Village

On 200 meters distance from the Aloha Nirvana Guest house is recently built the Ubud Eco Village. A group of seven ecological built houses with a swimming pool in the center. It is a bit difficult to find; you have to walk along the temple till the end of the street and on your right hand you will see the bridge over the river. The Eco village is situated behind that bridge. More information here

ubud eco village

ubud green village

ecological built house in Indonesia Bali

Green village ubud bali




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